March 23, 2008

Take Your Pick



I think the correct answer is... Yes, please get your graphic designers to Rochester ASAP.


Lucas said...

Fail. Never cared much for the old logo (or the team for that matter), but that new one is...just...bad. It looks like high school art class, but at the very least is doesn't have the clip art soccer ball.

Longshoe said...

True on the soccer ball, I hate that it ends up in every US logo.

I'll take the angry, or "raging", rhino in the old one though. The new rhino just looks constipated.

Lucas said...

Every US logo except for the Timbers. Balee dat!!

jsilver said...

The new logo looks like Dick Cheney's wikipedia picture with his crooked mouth and squinty eyes. Thumbs down. Maybe the teams attitude will change under the new ownership though. i've never had as much hate for a team as when the Rhino player ripped down the fans banner.