March 29, 2008

The season has begun...

And I think I'm the only member watching the game. Charter doesn't offer DirectKick (which is free this weekend, BTW. Oh, how I long for the days when I had Dish Network) so I'm watching the game via Sopcast.

Adam Moffat has scored the first goal of the season (I know I didn't have him picked) while Will Hesmer has saved a Colin Samuel penalty to give Columbus a 1-0 lead. Hesmer's been playing rather well so far.

Not the most entertaining game thus far, but that's what Sparks is for. I figure that since it led to such an "entertaining" evening for ECB on Wednesday night that I hope it'll maybe do the same for me tonight.

That's right, I won't be at the Brew, I have prior engagements tonight. Sorry folks, but I'll definitely be in front of the TV tomorrow at 3 for Hoops-Goats.

I'm just hoping I can get Taco Mac to turn it on a game for me.

And that they have Sparks.


Anonymous said...

Is the Galaxy the worst team in the MLS?

Longshoe said...

They have the worst defense, that's for sure.

The PK was BS, but they looked like crap in the back otherwise. Beckham created some chances, but no one finished.

Ruiz and Donovan HAVE TO SCORE for the Gals to have a chance this season.