March 8, 2008

"The nightmare continues for Eddie Johnson"

It's a shame that the game featuring 900 Americans on the field is a stinker. The best thing about it so far are the sweet Fulham away kits.

Fulham just doesn't seem like they know what they want to do. The fact that some of their passing is worse than a middle school team doesn't really help matters either.

Good luck Cottagers, you're going to need it to stay up.


Longshoe said...

Hey, he at least hit the post. Not bad...

Longshoe said...

Wow, Fulham are really getting hosed. Stalteri gets hip tossed on the cross that lead to a goal, and then Dempsey gets "manhandled" to the ground in the box and there's no foul.

Eddie is looking much better, even if the announcers are just looking for reasons to rip him at this point.

Longshoe said...


The ref has at least $5 on Blackburn

The announcers really hate Eddie Johnson

prairie said...

All I kept thinking during that game was "wow, in three weeks, I'll be watching a much better game than this."