February 22, 2008

Sprinkles: Robert Kraft confuses his checkbooks

New England: The Revs have signed a replacement for Pat Noonan. Argenis Fernandez of Costa Rica will be joining the team, for a transfer fee of less than $200K. The Revs actually spent some cash... shocking!

Fernandez is the leading scorer for Santos, and played in the U20 World Cup last year.

Philadelphia: It appears that the SoB's could be getting their wish. Rumors of a Feb. 28 announcement of the 16th MLS team are making the rounds. We'll see...

Houston: Bernardo Fallas in Houston is feeling like a downtown stadium is closer to becoming reality for the Dynamo.

Salt Lake: RSL is getting the Ukrainian leg breaker Dema Kovalenko for the upcoming season. I guess he's the enforcer for all the young guys they've signed.

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