February 24, 2008

Comments of the Year, Part One

Tomorrow is the 1st birthday of Who Ate All the Cupcakes. To start the celebration, I thought I'd share some of our favorite comments with you. Enjoy...

March 29, 2007: "You're an idiot."

April 9, 2007: "Sounds just like Freddy (Adu) to get so close yet be unable to score in the end."

May 12, 2007: "Dichio ain't no Les Ferdinand, that's for sure."

May 20, 2007: "Well … I know you are speaking, because I can see your lips moving, but what you are saying doesn’t mean a thing to me. I love the photos, thoough – the bulging underwear, the goats and the cupcake." (thanks for bringing in the Freak Parade with the Landon picture, EG)

May 24, 2007: "Hysterical. I just wrote a post on your post entitled "I Wish I'd Written That.""

June 13, 2007: "What you are is a little wimp." (trash talking at its finest)

June 13, 2007: "Dear Anonymous, Please feel free to share with the BLOG community what skill set you bring to the planet besides being an Anonymous blog posting winy little bitch."

June 14, 2007: "Hi, I'm an anonymous fanboy (Actually, I'm D from the DCenters, but let's just go with Anonymous for the moment) and I think it's wrong for you to ever criticize anything ever. Being a supporter means being the equivalent of a jock strap, willing to take whatever balls are thrust upon us without a word of dissent. People who complain about things are evil and should be shot. In fact, if you support something, there is no excuse for ever writing anything critical about it at all. I mean, if one could just criticize freely, how would the Internet remain such a friendly, welcoming, civilized place." (in response to the To Be a Fan or To Be a Fanboy post)

June 17, 2007: "Just so you know, I checked this blog when I got in before I checked the forum, because I knew it would be more interesting reading."

June 29, 2007: "You can slam Bruce for his US Team comments but he is a damn good Coach/GM for Da Bulls (I think Agoos might just be along for the ride). An amazing turn around from perennial crap on the pitch." (Bruce Arena wishes this had held true)

July 6, 2007: "Thank God! Two voices of sanity in a sea of burbling inanity."

July 29, 2007: "I have to say, besides hearing from the players first hand, your blog is the next best thing (I like it even more than the official 'Backs site). You cheer the team unconditionally, while being very objective about everything else - and you guys do a good job of reminding everyone that these players are hard working men - all with a nice sense of humor."

August 18, 2007: "So let me get this straight the coach criticize the fans about the fact they criticize him and say they don't have the right to criticize him. Next the fans will say the coach shouldn't criticize them for criticizing him. Thats funny."

August 18, 2007: "Also: this blog IS American Soccer. Please do keep it up."

More to come...

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