February 25, 2008

Hello, I'm Eric Wynalda and I have nothing better to do

I haven't been the same since I lost my job to that jerk Harkes (something else I have to club him for, they keep adding up since '98). Things have been kind of slow in the Wynalda household.

I tried to help Taylor get his deal in England, but the stupid Revs wouldn't sell him. They just don't want the best for my Taylor. As long as he keeps getting national team games, it'll be okay. I'm sure he can pass Landon soon, I want to get that goal scoring record back in the family.

I have some time to go talk my good friend Jim Rome now. We don't share the same employer, so I might just get to club his ass like I promised.

You know what this party needs, some good driven crosses. Gwairo, get over here...

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