February 25, 2008

Birthday wishes from Giuseppe Franco!

Beverly Hills salon owner Giuseppe Franco sent in his birthday wishes to the Cupcake Nation...

I don't own this blog. I don't own anything about it. I just know this is the greatest blog ever for increasing your American soccer fandom. Stop hiding your fandom under these other countries, stop denying that you're a EuroSnob. You can be on the road to loving American soccer RIGHT NOW. Get on the Cupcake Nation program.

I'm Giuseppe Franco, I don't put my name on the line for something that doesn't work.

Thanks Giuseppe!


Anonymous said...

You use to love me more. You were always a cupcake and looks like you still are.

Vicki on Maui

Longshoe said...

And this is what happens when anonymous comments are turned on...

I think Vicki's right though, Giuseppe is definitely a cupcake.