December 14, 2007

Well crap...

It looks like Juan Sebastian Veron WILL NOT be coming to DC United now. I was never one who was all that psyched about him coming to DC, mainly because I thought he didn't play a position that was crucial for DC to upgrade. However, his quality can't be denied and he would've been a great player to wear the Black and Red.

After reading his quotes in the linked article, I actually like the guy even more. I loved watching his Estudiantes team come back to tie Boca Juniors on the last day of the Argentine season, and then defeat them in the playoff. "I'm staying because of the fans and my teammates. The truth is that I couldn't say goodbye," Veron said. Pure class... I'd like to think that Ben Olsen would have the same reaction if he ever had the chance to leave.

The bad thing is that DC has put a lot of time and energy into this pursuit. Who is Plan B? The last couple years of disappointment in CONCACAF and the Sudamericana, not to mention the MLS playoffs, have made roster improvements a big issue this offseason. Add in the SuperLiga and the expanded CONCACAF Champions League in the fall, and DCU needs more able bodies, plain and simple.

Who's next?


Jefa said...

Christiano Ronaldo ... he's so dreamy. (sigh)

Joemybro said...

DCU Front Office To Do list for Next Week
1. Dry tears from chin
2. Re-sign Gomez
3. Sign a new Center back
4. Sign at least one wing player
5. Put out hit on Fenty, use savings from not signing Veron to pay for contract.

BDR said...

I didn't want Veron until I heard why he didn't want United.

Though in general, I don't like the idea of MLS becoming a Catskill circuit for has-beens.

Longshoe said...

I don't want to see MLS become a retirement home either. I don't think Veron would've fit that bill though, he's been in the mix for his national team and his play at Estudiantes (when healthy) has been at a high level. I don't think he would've been a Mattheus or Branco situation.

MLS needs to buy young, creative players and also pick the right buys of veterans who still have something to offer both on and off the field.