December 11, 2007

Sprinkles: Grinding at the Mill

DC: El Presidente Goff is reporting that Joe Cannon could be headed to the nation's capital and Troy Perkins could be headed to Europe. Very, very interesting. Troy is solid, but Cannon is the best keeper in MLS and would be a nice upgrade. The interesting speculation on this one is that with the increase in salary based on bringing Cannon in, it's going to make it even harder to bring Christian Gomez back.

Goff also throws in a comment that the Argentine press is reporting DC interest in Claudio Lopez. He played in the '98 and '02 World Cups, played and scored goals with Valencia and Lazio, starred with Club América between '04 and '06, and is currently with Racing in Argentina. He's 33 years old.

Scotland: Bruce Arena has shown interest in coaching the Scotland national team. I think someone just threw up some haggis in their mouth over there.

Honestly, I would've felt fine about the job the pre-2006 Bruce would've done over there. However, after he got scared and ultra-conservative in Germany 2006, and then bombed with the Red Bulls, I don't think Bruce has a lot of cache at this point.

New York: Ives goes into more detail on the Osorio move and the personal issues he's hoping to improve by going to the Red Bulls.

UPDATE (3:45 pm): The potential DCU/Joe Cannon deal could be a part of something bigger, including Carlos Ruiz returning to the Galaxy. Also, DCU has received an offer from a Scandanavian club for Troy Perkins. Very interesting...

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