November 21, 2007

Sprinkles: Turkey flavored

Seattle: The ________ have sold 7,000 season ticket deposits since the big announcement last week. There's talk of a fair number of Seahawks season ticket holders crossing over to get ______ tickets as well. Now we just need a name...

New York: The MetroBulls are thinking about buying out the Pool Boy, a.k.a. Claudio Reyna.

They also haven't given up on trying to talk to Juan Carlos Osorio of Chicago. The Fire turned down the request the first time, but might give in. They will be owed compensation, Osorio has a three year contract in Chicago.

New England: The Revs are off to Argentina for a scouting visit. My guess is that they're looking for defenders. Last time they had a quality, creative player from South America, he barely saw the field.

DC: The press in Honduras is claiming that Luciano Emilio is on his way out of DC. He wants a new contract after his MVP year, and supposedly DCU management isn't interested in talking about it right now. These sorts of things come out all the time once the season is over, we'll see how legitimate this one is.

LA: The press in Guatemala is talking a possibility of Carlos Ruiz heading back to the Galaxy. He'd be a big upgrade over Pavon, that's for sure.

Our boy Ives rips MLS for extended the grandfathered status of Donovan (and Ruiz, which could also come into play) to bail out the Gals. Can't really argue with him on this one, the move looks really bad. MLS should've just been smart and said that these players were grandfathered for the remainder of their current contracts, since the contracts were signed prior to the rule being implemented.

Colorado: GM Jeff Plush has issued a "State of the Club" Q&A on the Rapids website. Here's an open letter response and more discussion on the Q&A here. The Rapids are becoming my favorite soap opera these days. I really feel bad for the fans out there, this is ridiculous.

San Jose: In a non-surprise, the Earthquakes announced that they'll play their "big games" at the Oakland Coliseum.

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