November 23, 2007

All Around the World

We pretty much stick to the US here in the Bakery, with some short excursions up to Canada and down to Mexico and Central America. However, there's lots of juicy topics going on around the world right now, and I keep hearing that Oasis song (or a drunken guy at the Brewhouse singing along) in my head...
  • England is out of Euro 2008 after losing 3-2 to Croatia at Wembley. Croatia was the better team throughout, England did not deserve to win. They really didn't even deserve to draw, although the ref tried to help them out with a horrible PK call. Beckham came on in the second half, and tied the game with one of his trademark crosses to Crouch. However, McClaren was too concerned with twirling his umbrella than making changes to protect the draw, and Croatia was allowed to retake the lead. The winning goal after a Croatia player was able to receive the ball, turn towards goal, make a sandwich, take a nap, and write a poem before shooting into the far corner. Where in the world was Lampard or Gerrard in the middle?
  • The Steve McClaren experiment is now over. He refused to step down after the game, but FA didn't wait as they called an emergency meeting for the next morning, and sacked him unanimously an hour later. Ol' Stevie sure racked up a number of blunders in his short time on the job. 3-5-2 in Croatia, dropping Beckham to appease the media, insisting on playing Lampard and Gerrard together, and so on and so on, the guy just wasn't cut out for the job.
  • I wish I had said it when I saw the lineup, but Scott Carson = Brianna Scurry right about now. How do you put someone in the lineup in a crucial game when they've either never played in a game like this, or hasn't in 3 years? Steve McClaren and Greg Ryan can have fun discussing this one in the unemployment line.
  • I saw somebody on Sky Sports say that Alan Curbishley should be considered for the England job. After five minutes where I cursed repeatedly, threw things around the room, and laughed uncontrollably, I was able to compose myself. Curbishley couldn't figure out how to use Tevez and Mascherano at West Ham, how could he figure out how to coach the national team?
  • Is Fabio Capello crazy for being interested in the England job? It sure would be interesting to see.
  • Who are these people trying to push Alan Shearer for the job?
  • Bruce Arena is available, he got to a World Cup quarterfinal, why isn't he being considered? I wish he'd start calling press conferences to express his interest in the job, that would be greatness.
  • Note: I don't think Arena should be the new England manager, that was a joke.
  • England now won't be seeded for World Cup qualifying, which makes their road to South Africa more difficult.
Enough about the sorry tale that is England, let's look elsewhere...
  • There's a possibility of a Euro Group of Death including Holland, Italy, Portugal, and France. Please make this happen...
  • It looks like Rafa Benitez and the American owners of Liverpool are feuding. Rafa wants more players, while the owners want him to coach the players he already has. This could be interesting...
  • Jozy Altidore is quite the topic in Madrid right now, as the press is talking about Real's interest in the young American. Jozy, please go to a smaller club and actually play. Wiping Ruud's forehead won't improve you as a player any quicker, playing is the most important thing.
  • Argentina lost to Colombia in World Cup qualifying in a bit of a surprise. Brazil also tied Peru. The South American qualifiers should be fun to watch as we get closer to deciding things.
  • Bouna Coundoul will be with Senegal at the African Cup of Nations in January. The Colorado goalkeeper was one of the only bright spots for the Rapids this year, and now he's being rewarded. Good to see...

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