November 1, 2007

It's time to ruin some hopes

DC-Chicago, 7:30 (ESPN2)
United looked rather impotent in the first leg at Toyota Park, but they weren't able to start Jaime Moreno or Luciano Emilio. By most accounts, Moreno will be ready from the start tonight, and Emilio is a good possibility as a starter as well. That will go a long way to righting the wrongs of the DC attack. Judging from Chicago's second half last week, they will defend first (and second, and third, and fourth) tonight and only go forward on clear counterattack opportunities. I don't think they can keep DC off the board for 90 minutes. The drama should be thick here, and as much as I want to pick against DC to try to work the reverse psychology, I just can't do it. Moreno gets one late in the first half, and then Olsen scores the winner in extra time.
2-0 DC (after extra time): Moreno, Olsen

Houston-Dallas, 8:30 (DK)
The Hoops surprised a lot of people with their 1-0 win over the Orange Crush last weekend. I expect more physical play, I expect Carlos Ruiz to piss more people off, I hope Ricardo Clark is not allowed at field level, but I also expect Houston to roll here. Dallas' strength is in their attack, not holding a lead for 90 minutes.
3-1 Houston: Ching (2), DDR; Alvarez

New England-New York, 7:30 (FSC)
The Bulls were the only home team unable to take a lead in the first leg. With Arena calling out JPA after the game, I wonder what their mindset will be heading into the Big Razor. I also wonder why he didn't bring on Clint Mathis earlier, that guy is money in big games (just ask Colin Clarke and 2006 Dallas). The Revs never looked too threatened in the first game, and they should be fine here.
2-0 New England: Twellman (2)

Chivas USA-Kansas City, 10:30 (DK)
I feel horrible for the Goats. They had to deal with injuries and some shoddy refereeing in their playoff appearance last year, and now are dealing with injuries to their top two goalscorers. Galindo might be able to play a part on Saturday, but he will not be at 100%. I think Preki learned that he's going to have to play Cunliffe and Merlin together from the start, the 4-5-1 just never looked effective. The best Chivas looked was when Cunliffe came on in the second half. There's also talk of Juanito Bornstein pushing up to the front, but I'd only save that for a desperate push late. Unfortunately, I think they're going to need it. I hate to do this, but...

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