November 5, 2007

Hello, I'm Landon Donovan and I want to slap Alexi Lalas

“Frank is probably the last one that should have gone,” Donovan said. “He’s been handcuffed all year. That’s unfortunate for him. He’s a damn good coach and he’s been unable to show it.”


Asked who handcuffed him, Donovan said: “You can figure it out. He wasn’t allowed to be a coach. People were trying to make decisions for him.”


“No,” Donovan said. “I consider Frank a friend. As a professional, I feel sorry for him that he went through this because it’s unfair. But as a person I’m glad he got away from this. Unless some things changed, he was never going to be given the real opportunity to be a coach.”

I figured I'd give you guys the juicy quotes from my LA Daily News interview. I'm sure my buddy Alexi will love this one.

I'm not going to lie, I really wanted to go in studs up on that punk in our charity game last night. He has some real nerve to even get on the field with some of the comments he's made. Funny how he hasn't had much to say lately, begging for your job might do that to you. I guess it worked since Frank decided to leave.

I know the San Jose fans hated me when I came down here, but I wonder if they'll take me back. I know I don't want to stay here and deal with this crap any more. Hopefully this will piss Alexi off enough so that he'll get rid of me.

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