October 10, 2007

Sprinkles: The Barber Shop is open for business

DC: Owner Will Chang lost his bet with Chivas de Guadalajara owner Jorge Vergara in the Copa Sudamericana. Chang is a man of his word, and his head was shaved. It would've been a lot cooler if Vergara had done it at midfield after the game or Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake was involved...

Toronto: Season ticket renewals are at 94%, even with a price increase, for 2008. They can't score goals, but they can sell some tickets, eh?

Salt Lake: Here's something for the ladies (as if Brutus wasn't enough already). Jack Stewart of RSL is continuing in the proud MLS bachelor tradition by being named Utah's top bachelor by Cosmo magazine. Bobby Boswell failed, not for a lack of effort, in his bid to win the national honor, maybe Jack can win the $10K.

Portland: It looks like Portland is still in the running for an MLS franchise, even with Seattle supposedly already a lock. The league footprint talk, brought up over at Center Holds It, could be manifesting itself here.

I'd be glad to see the Timbers get into MLS, especially if they get to renew their rivalry with the Sounders. The talk about PGE Park being refurbed is fine by me, the talk of the minor league baseball team moving out is even better. Now, let's replace the old, worn out turf there and we'll be in business...

Los Angeles: Cobi Jones might not be retiring after all. I'm sure he doesn't want to go out on this much of a disappointing season, although Cobi's been pretty solid as a sometimes starter/sometimes sub.

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