August 30, 2007

SuperLiga math

Chris Klein + bicycle = DOES NOT COMPUTE

Bizarre game at the HDC tonight. Galaxy go down on a Vagenas own goal, Becks gets hurt on a 50/50 challenge (this time it's his knee), Alan Gordon blows 927 chances, things just don't look good for the Gals. Joe Cannon is almost literally standing on his head tonight, and Mike Randolph is right there with him. Just as I'm about to say that they don't deserve to lose like this, Chris Klein goes and does the impossible.

Chris Klein scores on a bicycle kick in stoppage time to send us to extra time. Read that again, I actually watched it and didn't believe it.

Chris Klein scored on a bicycle kick. Absolutely insane. The Gals just have to win now, don't they?

Wow, the English announcers are absolutely horrible. They just said Klein had his first touch of the extra time. Unfortunately, they had already said that once about five minutes ago in the first half of extra time. And, they were wrong the first time. They were also shocked that the teams didn't get five minutes between extra time periods. I thought Allen Hopkins was better than this. I think it's Rogandino on color, I knew he stunk.

ESPN just topped Hopkins/Rogandino, they made a point to show Beckham subbed out. Then, they mentioned that he "didn't return in the second half". They were excited about the bicycle kick though. Way to not really explain that the game was still going on, guys.

Edson Buddle could've just ended this, but he was outran by a defender on a breakaway. Cobi was wide open on the square pass, but Buddle tried to do it himself.

Going to penalties now. Beckham walking around through the team in his suit is just weird. He looks like he's doing more than Yallop.

Brutal, brutal way to go out for the Gals. Vagenas is saved early, but Cannon bails him out. When Pachuca put their 5th kick off the crossbar, you had to expect Landon Donovan to bring the trophy and the cash to LA. He was saved on a mediocre attempt. Pachuca buried their 6th kick, and Xavier missed wide for the Gals.

Pachuca has now won 4 trophies in the last year (Sudamericana, CONCACAF Champions Cup, Mexican Clausura, SuperLiga). I really can't wait to see them in action in the World Club Cup in December. Pachuca v. Milan will be tons of fun.

I actually feel really bad for the Gals right now.

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