July 12, 2007

Start the countdown...

No, this one doesn't end on July 21. This one doesn't concern a certain Blondie. This countdown is for a different legend...
It appears that the FireEagle will be making his Chicago debut on July 22nd, one day after Becks, in a friendly against Celtic.

I wouldn't go anywhere near so far as to say Blanco's arrival is on the same level as Beckham, but I do think it's been lost in the shuffle a bit. I've never been a Blanco fan, but I've been impressed with his comments since the move. He's said all the right things about MLS and the US, and seems to be committed to making the most of his move to the States. I'm looking forward to seeing what he has to offer in MLS.

It's just a shame that both he and Becks are going to struggling teams, who will have the greater impact?

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