July 11, 2007

Cupcakes of the Week

Freddy Adu: I've always done these for MLS play, but we're going to get some exceptions this time around. Hat trick against Poland, followed up by a great all-around game against Brazil, is a pretty strong performance. It's a shame he hasn't been able to reproduce this in MLS consistently, but this tournament might be enough to get him over to Europe like he's always wanted.

Ryan McIntosh: A second non-MLS entry, he deserves it after his Open Cup performance for the Silverbacks on Monday. 9 saves, keeping his team in the game while under siege, then saving two in the shootout is a pretty good night of work, huh?

Cobi Jones: Two goals is pretty nice for the old guy. He saved a point for the Gals, which they desperately need.

Brian Ching: He had a goal in each of Houston's wins, keeping the Orange Crush at the top of the charts.

Pat Onstad: Two straight shutouts during the week for the returning veteran.

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