July 14, 2007

Silverbacks-Rochester preview

While the Cupcake Nation will look depleted tonight at ReMax/Greater Atlanta Stadium (damn weddings!), that won't come close to what Rochester will look like against the Silverbacks.

The Rhinos' injury situation is looking worse and worse, leaving them scrambling just to fill its roster.

Fortunately for Rochester, John Ball won't leave for Brazil until next week. He's on the U.S. National Futsal team for the Pan American Games. Ball is still a fan favorite from his one season in Atlanta (2004), and he will forever remain an honorary member of the Cupcake Nation.

Prediction: Atlanta 2-0.
The Atlanta defense has been playing pretty well recently, and with the Rhinos' fielding a makeshift roster I expect Atlanta to pull out the win. But I'm still skeptical about the Silverbacks so I can't be too confident.

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