June 24, 2007

Revenge (aka Gold Cup Final second half)

Ricardo Clark is in for Mastroeni, Bradley wants more mobility out of that spot.

The US comes out en fuego in the second half, forcing Oswaldo into 2 clutch saves. Lots of pressure by the US.

They come the other way and T-Ho saves Castillo from 20 yards.

The US gets a 4v2 break, but Deuce scuffs the shot. He had more time to do something with that, ugh.

Great outside of the foot chip by Feilhaber, but it's barely out of Ching's reach.

It looks like Twellman is going to be the Great White Hope. I'm horrified.

The defense finds a way to clear a dangerous Mexico corner after some nervy moments.

Unbelievable turn by Chingy to force Magallon into a penalty. Let's see how Landon v. Oswaldo goes...

GOL DE LANDON, and we're all tied up.

They say Twellman is seated again, Chingy might've earned a reprieve. I think Twellman would've come on for Dempsey though, Deuce isn't playing very well today.

Mexico is really starting to look dangerous on set pieces in the offensive third, and they're getting a lot of them. The marking has to be tighter.

Castillo is still giving the defense fits, he ran through 2 before Boca tackled it away for a corner.

It is time for Twellman to enter, he's in for Deuce like I thought. He just wasn't on it today. Now we're going to a true 4-4-2, how will it change things?

Spector and Guardado have a clash of heads going up for a header, that was nasty and both guys might be out. They're both up after a couple of minutes, but they don't look like they're enjoying themselves right about now. Spector looks like he's completely out of it.

Guardado is back, and Frankie Simek is going to have to replace Spector. The US is now out of subs.

GOLAZO DE BENNY FEILHABER, HOLY CRAP!!! He hit a monster volley off a deflection from a corner. Oswaldo had no chance as that was a rocket into the far corner.

Beasley with a great ball through to Ching. He pulls a sick spin move, beats the defender and Sanchez, but hits the post with his falling down shot.

What a game!

Mexico has Cuau ready to come on. Let's see what Blanco can do in his new home city.

Bofo is up now too, can Jaguares' newest signing save Mexico here today?

Twellman is sent free, but can't do anything with it by himself. The US is laying back more now, which could be dangerous.

Simek fouls in the corner, but Guardado's shot is deflected. Nothing comes of the throw-in.

Blanco, Bofo, and Castillo combine for a dangerous run at goal. The ball falls for Bofo, but T-Ho makes an awesome point blank save.

Donvan is sent free off the resulting corner in what looks like a replay of Phoenix. He sends the ball across for DMB, but Beasley misses the open goal. That would've ended things, you can't miss those!

Castillo is caught offside, good job by the defense to keep their line.

Four minutes of stoppage time, can the US hold on?

Bofo with a great ball over the top and Bravo and Gooch collide in the box. No penalty, I'm sure we'll hear about that one for a while. Both guys were looking for the ball, and not each other.

Great ball by Ching to free Landon, but the legs are not there. He releases Ching, but Chingy has even less gas left in the tank. It's tackled away.

Mexico has a free kick, but the resulting cross by Cuau is grabbed by T-Ho. Marquez sends in a low, hard cross that is cleared by Bocanegra.

THAT'S IT, 2-1 TO THE USA. The US retains its Gold Cup title.

At least a few guys exchange jerseys, they say Salcido and Donovan traded jerseys. Meanwhile, security has to restrain Cuau and a few other guys from the referees as they complain.

What a game, that was a true classic.


Anonymous said...

Yep, heckuva game... managed to stay awake for this one. But I had to avert my eyes when Hugo Sanchez took off his jacket. What color was that shirt? Mexican restaurants have more tasteful color schemes than that.

And speaking of shirts, it was good to see that a few of the guys actually exchanged jerseys. When will Mexico finally acknowledge that the US actually belongs on the field with them and give the respect due?

Longshoe said...

I thought today's game might be the one that did it. It was a great game, well played by both teams, without any controversial incidents.

Sadly, it's clear that even our announcers don't give us the credit that we're on the same level with Mexico. Bretos and Sullivan kept talking about Mexico should be a world power, playing with the likes of Brazil and Argentina, but they can't get over the hump that is the US.

Why can't the US be a world power? Those guys can't have it both ways. They can't badmouth the team for winning narrowly against the likes of Guatemala, but then give the team no chance against the Mexico's.