June 9, 2007

MLS Weekend Preview

Dallas-Los Angeles, 8:30 ET (DK)
The Gals are going to have to suit up Alexi, Yallop, Posh, and the water boy this week due to all the national team call-ups and injuries. Dallas is only missing El Pescadito, and he wasn't even playing for the Hoops anyway. I'm still not sold on Dallas, but they should be in complete control here.
Dallas 2, LA 0

Chicago-Chivas USA, 8:30 ET (FSC)
Both teams won in their last time out. The teams are pretty equal in absences due to the Gold Cup. I think Chivas is the slightly better team, and especially like the match-up of EL CUBANO running at Curtain and Brown in the center of Chicago's defense. He should be able to combine with Razov to create some problems for the Fire.
Chicago 1, Chivas 2

DC-New York, 1:00 ET (TeleFutura)
The original MLS Clasico has regained some of its old fire now. DC scraped by the Bulls in the playoffs last year, but now look up at New York in the standings. Neither team is missing anyone to the Gold Cup. As much as I want to pick United outright, Juan Pablo Angel v. the DC defense is a frightening prospect. Right now, Juan Pablo Angel v. anyone is a frightening prospect. This should be a fun one to watch, and I'm thinking there could be quite a few goals.
DC 2, New York 2

Columbus-Houston, 5:00 ET (DK)
The Dynamo won on Thursday, but have to turn around and play again this weekend with their depleted roster. Missing key guys like Ching, Clark, DDR, and Onstad can't really make things easy for Coach Kinnear and the Orange Crush. I just can't figure the Crew out, has Sigi lost the plot? As much as I liked his initial moves with the Crew, I'm starting to wonder...
Columbus 0, Houston 0

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