June 9, 2007

The Honduran Randy Moss

Our buddy Ives has a great piece on his blog about Amado Guevara's return to Giants Stadium, last night with Honduras. After reading this, I'm not surprised at all about the decisions to move him, first by the Red Bulls and then very quickly followed by Preki and Chivas USA. The guy is just too inconsistent and too much of a head case to be someone you can rely on.

Reading Ives' story reminds me of some of the comments and issues surrounding Randy Moss. I could totally see Guevara using Moss' line about only playing when he wants to play. Dennis Green and Bob Bradley didn't mind putting in the extra time to coax these guys into putting in a complete performance, but most coaches just aren't willing to do it. Preki sure wasn't.

I doubt New York misses him, they gained a second designated player slot that they turned into Juan Pablo Angel. Chivas doesn't really miss him either since he never showed up for the Goats in his short stint. I'm sure they'd like that DP slot back though.

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