June 2, 2007

MLS Weekend Preview

Toronto-Colorado, 3:30 ET (DK)
The Canadians are still adjusting to the Cunningham/Dichio partnership up front, I just hope they don't kill each other. I also hope Pablo Mastroeni doesn't grab his junk to try to incite the fans like he's prone to do. They threw seat cushions when they were happy, what do they do when they're pissed off?
Toronto 1, Colorado 2

New England-Salt Lake, 7:30 ET (DK)
RSL just can't buy a win, although Jason Kreis is getting quite adept at getting draws. The Revs have been one of the better teams in the league this season, I don't expect them to slip up here. New England 2, Salt Lake 0

Kansas City-New York, 8:00 ET (DK)
It's sad when the Wiz and the Mutts could be the game of the weekend. I die just a little on the inside. Who will be contained more, Eddie Johnson or Juan Pablo Angel? Either way, the supporting cast is a little stronger for the Bulls, so I think they'll pull off the road win here. Besides, CAPTAIN AMERICA IS ACTUALLY PRACTICING THIS WEEK, OMG!!!! Who am I kidding, he'll probably get a hangnail during the prgame warm-up...
KC 1, NY 2

Los Angeles-DC, 10:30 ET (FSC)
The Galaxy are thinking about suiting Posh up this week due to injuries and national team call-ups. Maybe she will be inspired by her David's free kick against Brazil and do well. Posh or no Posh, Landon Donovan will have to carry the Gals on his back. He always seems to do well against DC, so they have that going for them. I think the resurgent Christian Gomez will do his share to keep the Gals down though.
LA 1, DC 2

Houston-Dallas, 5:00 ET (TeleFutura)
The TejasClasico could be an interesting one. The Dyanmo were spotted trying to break into Pachuca's stadium this week to retrieve their mojo, they've been struggling since the CONCACAF semis. Dallas was spotted trying to clone Juan Toja. I'm afraid to pick Houston to win anything the way they're been playing, but they should have the edge here. Fear wins out though.
Houston 1, Dallas 1

Chicago-Columbus, 7:00 ET (DK)
This game just makes me want to cry. It could be the most boring one of the season. I think Chicago is just awful these days, they're counting down the days until Cuau shows up and El Matador drops a few pounds. Columbus showed a lot of promise early in the year, but have fallen apart since. If I get dragged down to the Brewhouse for this one, I might need a pitcher of beer on standby to make it though it.
Chicago 0, Columbus 0

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