June 23, 2007

MLS Weekend Prediction

This is going to be ultra-quick...

New England-Toronto, 7:30 ET (DK)
I don't think the Reds are the same team on the road...
New England 2, Toronto 1

Colorado-Dallas, 9:00 ET (DK)
The Rapids have been struggling lately, but should be okay here...
Colorado 1, Dallas 0

Salt Lake-DC, 9:30 (FSC)
DC's flying, RSL's trying to find more rules to break. They've pissed off MLS, the Liberian soccer federation, and maybe FIFA. Can we get the UN in on the action?
Salt Lake 1, DC 3

Los Angeles-Columbus, 10:30 (FSC)
I feel sorry for anyone watching this one.
Los Angeles 1, Columbus 1

Kansas City-Houston, 5:00 (TeleFutura)
Somehow, the Dynamo just keep getting the job done. I don't understand anymore. Are they going to get worse when the national team guys come back?
KC 1, Houston 2

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