June 11, 2007

MLS Power Rankings - We're shaking things up a bit...

What you're about to read is intentional. I can't separate the first three teams in the East. Please, if you can give me reasons, I'm all for it. But after watching yesterday's game, and taking into account the missing Eddie Johnson, plus the results for the entire season up until now, this is like drawing straws.

Eastern Conference

1. D.C. United - When you're getting hat tricks from Ben Olsen, you know things are going your way. They've been gaining steam and have looked like the best TEAM over the last month. I know Shoe and his cronies are hoping that the early-season disaster won't happen again. If not for that, they'd be the sole #1.

1. New York Red Bull - I know, I know. Their defense looked porous on Sunday. But for better or worse, they're still one of the top teams in the league. John Paul has still scored in every match he's played for the Toros Rojos. If Eddie Johnson wasn't with the USMNT, Saturday's match against Los Wheezards would be unmissable. Still, since I'm boycotting the Silverbacks, I'll definitely catch it.

1. Kansas City Wizards - One player does not make a team, but they've been awesome and luckily had a week off. The Wiz need to use their magic and pray that EJ isn't hurt after Saturday's game against Trinidad & Tobago. I'd love to see them pull off an upset in New York on Saturday.

4. New England Revolution - Another team with a week off, so it's hard to gauge them without Twellman, Parkhurst and company. Well, they do get the Crew at home on Saturday, but who knows? This IS the team that tied Real Salt Lake at home.

5. Toronto FC - Yeah, they couldn't hold a lead against New York. But they have John Paul Angel. You just knew he was going to go off. I still like this team, even though half of their starters are off in the Gold Cup. Home to FC Dallas on TeleFutura on Sunday. No Ruiz, no Cooper. Let's see the Knucks take this.

6. Columbus Crew - Bad, bad luck. Ngwenya's goal takes a lucky bounce off the post and Marshall with an unintentional own goal. Man oh man, this team just can't catch any breaks. Please, please win at New England on Saturday. I'd like to say something positive about this team, especially Barros Eschelotto.

7. Chicago Fire - A disaster. Yeah, it's not really their fault, but there's nothing they can do. (Well, they could sign Marcelo Salas, but that's about it.) They didn't look that bad against Chivas USA, they just couldn't score. Heck, maybe Cuauhtemoc's stupidity against Honduras yesterday will keep Hugo Sanchez from calling him up to the Copa America. I know Fire fans would love that. And I know other MLS teams are salivating, knowing that all you have to do is fake like you're trying to kiss him and he'll elbow you to get a red card. Classic Cuau. As always, all he can say is "PUTA MADRE!"

Western Conference

1. Chivas USA - I know, they're not on top of the West. But look at what I consider to be the most telling statistic: Points per game.

FC Dallas - 1.58 ppg
Chivas USA - 1.55 ppg
Houston - 1.45 ppg
Colorado - 1.36 ppg

And with both FC Dallas strikers gone, you can expect Dallas's number to change drastically soon. The Goats have played 3 less games than the Hoops and look a lot better than any other team in the West right now. Even without Bornstein. I was up and cheering when Nagamura got his first-ever MLS goal.

2. Houston Dynamo - Looks like the Moreno for Ngwenya trade has paid off. Goals in two straight and two wins. Is this team finally catching steam? Well, a week off might take that away. A big matchup on Thursday, June 21 against Chivas USA will tell.

3. FC Dallas - They're going to need more goals from Drew Moor. And really, everyone else. At least 6 weeks out for Kenny Cooper. Not good. And with the team looking to move Carlos Ruiz, what is this team going to do? I guess they wish they hadn't gotten rid of Eddie Johnson now.

4. Colorado Rapids - They're not playing well right now, but two teams are still worse than them, so it's not hard to figure out where they fit. Maybe they can pull something off at the HDC against Chivas USA on Saturday night, but it's not looking likely.

5. Real Salt Lake - A week off and they move up a spot, mainly because they couldn't look bad and the Galaxy looked terrible. Two games this week, one on ESPN2 against the Hoops and on Sunday at the Galaxy. The battle to stay out of the cellar, and probably the team's best chance at finally getting a win on Sunday.

6. Los Angeles Galaxy - It's Landon Donovan +10. Nate Jaqua is invisible. Sunday's game could very well be unwatchable. Who knows why Beckham wants to join this sinking ship instead of staying with the probable La Liga champs.

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