May 13, 2007

Rochester 21, California 7

Here are some Sunday thoughts. I didn't catch too much live soccer on TV yesterday thanks to work and the Silverbacks game. I'm trying to catch up today with USL Live and the MLSNet highlights.

- I did happen to catch the first half of the Toronto-Chicago match. Yeah, I got goosebumps watching Toronto's first-ever goal and subsequent celebration from the crowd. I'm still amazed at the crowd. Major props to the Toronto fans, who didn't give up on the team after the terrible start. I think they had as much to do with the team's first victory as anyone. Early returns are saying that this looks to be a great decision by Mr. Garber to put a team there.

- On another expansion front, I'm disappointed at the California Victory's first-ever home game. Just over 1,000 was the announced attendance, but the crowd looked to be in the 500-600 range. Add to that, the fact that after Rochester scored an early goal, the scoreboard flashed "Visitor 7, Home 0." Embarrassing. Almost as embarrassing as Chris Schwarze getting a stupid red card just two minutes after pulling within a goal.

- This looks to be a pretty telling weekend in USL First Division. Vancouver and Rochester winning away games, Atlanta losing at home. I know you can't wait for the rankings on Monday.

- Two great goals in the Columbus-Chivas USA game, with Barros Schelotto picking up his first assist on Columbus' tally. I have a feeling I'm really going to enjoy watching him this season.

- What's worse: A Chivas USA fan wearing a Chivas Guadalajara jersey or a California Victory fan wearing an Alaves jersey?

- Another example of why these commentators on USL Live are horrible: After California's goal, the play-by-play guy says it's "California's first-ever goal in the USL." He quickly corrects himself, but where do they find these guys? May I be the first to volunteer the Cupcakes crew for the Atlanta broadcasts?

- I'm not sure how we're going to write up the Silverbacks game from yesterday. We were all pretty much in agreement as to what went wrong, but from what we've been told, we're not allowed to criticize since we're fans. Let's just say that I'm enjoying watching the games with my boys being able to point things out that we don't like.


Anonymous said...

Well, so much for Rochester.
Portland 2 Rochester a big ZIPPO.

Anonymous said...

"...we're not allowed to criticize since we're fans. ..."


- Viking

Longshoe said...

It's just something was said on another site. Only fair weather fans criticize, or something like that...