May 26, 2007

Goats-Hoops LIVE BLOG

Dallas' Nunez is wearing the long sleeves, is he related to Beckham or something?

Yi heads a corner over the top for Dallas, El Guzano is not happy with Lawson Vaughn and his marking.

Not a great crowd for the American Goats, they deserve better.

Dallas needs to watch out for Panchito and Kljestan out wide, I don't know if they'll be able to handle them effectively with this formation they're playing (sort of a 4-3-3, although FSC displayed it as a 4-3-1-2). The Hoops are trying to play through the middle, while Chivas is trying to bring everything out wide.

Cooper keeps drifting out wide and he's finding a ton of space on the right. What's Bornstein doing out there?

You might be able to play this wacky type of midfield if you have a guy with the class of Toja. He's everywhere.

Galindo almost scored a wonder goal, hitting the corner of the goal. He ran right by Yi and beat Sala to a long clearance and flicked it on goal. He hit the upper corner. Galindo will run right by the Dallas backs, they just have to find him.

Quick pace to this one, I don't know if it can be sustained all night. Break out the oxygen tanks!

Sullivan loves him some Ricchetti. He does form a pretty dynamic duo with the Lizard King, I must admit.

Speaking of Toja, nice quick shot but it's right at Guzan. He really is a dangerous player.

The hype begins for the England-Brazil game on Friday WITH THE RETURN OF DAVID BECKHAM!!! OMG, I CAN'T WAIT!!!

These Dallas back passes need to be on point, Galindo is chasing everything and causing problems.

Dario Sala makes a huge save to keep things scoreless, Galindo keeps causing problems, and Sala bails out the Hoops again. Shaka Hislop is crying on the sideline because he knows he won't be playing anymore this season, unless Dario goes on a punching spree.

Sullivan talks about Bornstein and pants being pulled down and I'm horrified. I think I'm going to switch to FSE. Besides, they should play the Kinky song going into the halftime break.

The more I look at the FC Dallas gray uniforms, the more I hate them. For some reason, they look like pajamas to me.

Good crowds in DC and Colorado tonight, small ones in New England and Columbus. I'm guessing around 11-12K here at the HDC.

Toja and Cooper almost combine for something, but Cooper loses the ball in the box.

Halftime, and we're scoreless. It's an entertaining scoreless draw though.

Holy crap, what a golazo by Jim Brennan to tie the game for Toronto! Christian Gomez had a nice free kick goal as well for DC. Ay yi yi, I love the Chiva Girls on FSE. However, the FREEZEHOT Reduce commercials scare the crap out of me.

Goodson has to give away a corner at the start of the second half and then cries like a Pink Panda about it.

Nice possession around the Dallas penalty area, but the Goats can't find a shot.

MAYKEL GALINDO, EL CUBANO!!! What a goal, a right footed blast from about 25 yards out into the far corner. Nothing Sala could do, El Cubano wasn't going to be denied. Goats up 1-0.

Gbandi is the Dallas captain?!? Wasn't he suspended once or twice last year for trash talking the coach? I'm confused about the Hoops.

The Dallas backs just keep underestimating Galindo's speed, you think they'd figure it out by now. Dude's fast...

Cooper just had a golden chance at the back post, but he blew it. Bob Bradley just laughed.

Toja has been quiet in the second half.

Another nice build-up by Chivas, but Panchito can't get much on the shot. Sala saves rather easily.

I'm starting to think Toja looks less like Jim Morrison and more like a young Tommy Lee.

Kenny Cooper: Not a free kick specialist. He just put a ball into the 15th or 20th row over the goal.

Foul on El Cubano and Goodson talks some trash about it. The Pink Panda is at it again. Galindo has a few choice comments back for him and other players keep them separated.

Dr. Feelgood takes Razov down with no foul, but nothing comes of it. Chivas is starting to look a little unsettled as Dallas goes for a goal to tie this up.

Nagamura is taken down by Ricchetti in one of the more blatant intentional fouls to break up a breakaway that I've ever seen. Ricchetti, like a good prankster, acts like he's hurt to try to avoid the card. And it works, he's a clever one...

Oduro is starting to look dangerous on the right for Dallas. Cooper is also starting to find space up front. Chivas has some problems to solve.

Cunliffe in for El Cubano?!? What's Preki smoking on the sidelines? Go ahead and bring in Le Croissant while you're at it.

Toja sets up Nunez, but he misses wide. Why did he go for an outside of the foot shot with his right foot instead of a left footed blast? Dr. Feelgood is busting his ass again for the Hoops, he's playing about 3 positions all over the field.

Cunliffe had Razov through on a breakaway, but gave him a poor pass. Razov sent it back to him, but the shot was blocked. Short corner, and great possession by the Goats to kill the game off.

Dallas piles on the pressure at the end. Suarez blocks a shot with his face. Sala collects the ball at midfield on the right and sends in a long ball. It's cleared up field to Razov, who scores from the center circle. Nice finish to the game for the Goats. I think it was the tactics that hurt Dallas this time around.

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