May 24, 2007

Galaxy players are going to great lengths

Ty Harden, rookie defender for the Gals, has a pool cleaning service to add to his income. Two questions:
  • How will Becks feel when he gets to LA to find one of his teammates hired by Posh to be the cabana boy?
  • Is Claudio Reyna jealous? I thought he was the only pool boy in MLS.
So Ty cleans pools and Troy Perkins has worked part-time at a sporting goods store and at a bank. What other part-time jobs do MLS players have?

(thanks to Ashaman112 and BigSoccer for the heads up)


Laurie said...

I have a mental post on Ty Harden all ready to be written and I am SO stealing your Cabana Boy graphic!!

Longshoe said...

If you can somehow Photoshop a cupcake in there, then it would be sweet!

Steal away, I'll be looking for it...