April 27, 2007

Semi-live Cupcakes: Atlanta-Minnesota

Well, I missed the first half, sorry. I did say it'd be semi-live...

Buete scored for the Silverbacks on a nice dish from Millwood.

It looks like the same lineup for Atlanta as last week, we'll see how things unfold in the second half.

Bobo gets caught with a silly push to give the Thunder a dangerous free kick in the 60th minute. No worries, the field goal is good.

Minnesota is playing a man down.

McManus makes a couple of nice tackles for Atlanta. Still not a lot of rhythm out of the Silverbacks, but they have the lead. Minnesota is trying to find space for through balls.

Bobo with an excellent header that is saved by Joe Warren, but Tony McManus knocks home the loose ball. Atlanta up 2-0.

What's up with the accent on the PA guy, Southside Steve doesn't sound like that?!?

Great through ball by Antoniuk to Millwood, who narrowly stays onside. He flicks it over the keeper to himself and chests the ball into the goal. The rarely seen chest goal gets the score to 3-0 Atlanta.

Nasty foul in the back on Rivillo (hey Announcer Guy, Rios and Rivillo don't really look alike). He does make a good point about the Thunder starting to look tired due to playing with ten men for so long.

Dayton O'Brien comes in, and Rios shifts over to the middle. Shocking, it wasn't a straight swap! I guess you can do that sort of thing with a 3-0 lead against ten men though.

John Queeley, who was released a couple of weeks ago but talked his way back in (according to Announcer Guy), comes into the game. He doesn't have his name on the back of his jersey, at least Rivillo and Jarun were able to pull that off this week.

Millwood should've had goal number four, but he hits the crossbar. Another nice layoff by Antoniuk, this time with his head.

Far too many empty seats, is Friday night traffic that bad around here?

Hey, Minnesota has a guy with no name on his jersey too!

Atlanta's really starting to take advantage of the open spaces now, this is nice.

Rather soft PK call for Minnesota in the 90th minute. Quintero makes the first save, but the rebound is knocked home to make it 3-1.

Only one minute of stoppage time?!? That might be the first time I've ever seen that. Atlanta wins 3-1.

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