April 7, 2007

RSL-FCD, halftime

RSL should be way ahead in this game, but it's 1-1 somehow. The Dallas goal came completely against the run of play. RSL had almost all the possession, but not enough great chances. I really like the way RSL's formation is working out so far. The 3 mids and 3 forwards are very fluid, Ballouchy and Adu have ended up all over the place. Cunningham is pretty much sticking in the middle, which is best.

Cunningham's mohawk is pretty badass, I must admit.

Dallas' formation is weird, they're really losing the battles out wide. I just don't know if it's going to work, I think Morrow might need to simplify things.

It's time for the Village People and the Mutts, double MLS TV action. We're on the verge of some insanity.
We're not listening to the commentary, but the captioning is on one of the TV's. Dallas' announcers were talking about pickles at one point. Is that Drew Moor's hobby, pickling things?

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