April 7, 2007

RSL-FCD, 2nd half/CMB-NY, 1st half

Two games at once, damn I've missed MLS.

Cunningham puts the Mormons in the lead, putting in the rebound off a Kreis shot. Nothing much Shaka could do, he made a nice save on the first shot.

Whoever did the printing on New York's jerseys has some problems? The 'K' and 'O' in Kovalenko are lower than the rest of the letters. Don't even get me started on the arrow they made out of van den Burgh. Besides all that, I have a problem with the RED Bulls in navy blue.

Claudio Reyna took 23 minutes before getting injured, but he stays in the game. He collided with his teammate and they were both down for a few minutes.

Gruenbaum in goal for Columbus decided to try playing left back on one play, coming way out, but NY couldn't do anything with it. It's not the prettiest of games in Columbus...

Dallas just brought in Oduro, they've been really high on this kid. Nice shiny yellow boots.

Claudio Reyna is fouling people left and right, he looks like crap. That's twice he's blatantly taken out Eddie Gaven. Maybe the Indian and Police Officer can come in to take care of him. No need for that, he's just sucking on his own.

Rimando keeps RSL in the lead with a nice save off an Oduro shot. The Mountain West Conference is proud of their Utes.

The munchies are hitting, it's time for the chips and salsa. And more beers...

Yellow card to ECB for forgetting the chips and salsa order.

Gruenbaum makes a nice save on Altidore, still scoreless in Columbus.

The 80's music is really hit or miss today on the XM. Props to the Academy Fight Song by Mission of Burma.

Nunez almost brings Dallas level, but he misses the goal completely. Great chip to get him the ball, and he blew it. No salsa for you, buddy.

The Toros Azules kind of suck tonight. They do have a random fan here at the Brewhouse, how in the blue hell did that happen? What am I saying, I'm surrounded by Chivas USA fans...

No goals in Columbus, those teams suck. The Blue Bulls might end up as the Blue Balls if they keep this up.

ECB issues a yellow card to Fox Sports Southwest for not showing the stoppage time, they just have the isolated shot of the stadium clock. Cheap bastards.

Nick Rimando BLOWS IT for Dallas, he came off the line but didn't get the long ball. El Pescadito gets the job done, and gets a point for the Hoops. Once again, that's what happens when your keeper wears #6.

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