April 7, 2007

Rapids 2, DCU 1: Postgame

Nice to see the winning coach have to be restrained by his team after the final whistle.

You can't give Colorado a two goal advantage, they are just too good defensively. Especially against a team like DC, where their strengths are in the middle. That plays right into Mastroeni and Beckerman's hands.

The woodland creatures in Beckerman's hair must've been cold today.

Casal sucked for DC, with the exception of the cross on Emilio's goal. Fred didn't do all that much either, except piss Herculez off.

I don't know about the Kick Trax, it's kind of retarded.

Greg Vanney is a douche.

Colorado could be a surprise this year. Roberto Brown looks pretty solid up top. The backline is much improved. Condoul scares his opponents with his slick African duds in the pregame. On top of all that, Terry Cooke just might be the most effective player in MLS. Not the best, but the most effective. He's just flat out deadly on the right wing.

Alright, onto Salt Lake for RSL-FCD...

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