April 7, 2007

Colorado-DCU, Halftime: Rapid Man is chillin'

Ugly first half for United, nice play from the Rapids.

Terry Cooke is a bad, bad man. His 2 assists are at least keeping his fantasy owners, and Rapid Man, happy.

No Clyde Simms for DC, Justin Moose and Stephen deRoux got starts wide in midfield. I expect to see Fred early in the second half.

Herculez Gomez actually looks good playing as a wide midfielder. Que?

It looks like the cold kept some of the crowd away. They announced it as a sellout, but there's lot of empty seats. That's what freezing temps will do to you.
I would expect Coach Soehn's halftime speech to be lots of unprintable words. Waldo might be impressed.
Why am I not surprised? We were treated to bit of Pablo Mastroeni's guitar skills in the halftime feature. I don't think he does stand up comedy in his spare time, but who knows? We also learned during the first half that Troy Perkins worked in a bank, Emilio's dad died when he was 2 after being bitten by a parasite, and Bouna Condoul is proud of his African heritage. All this was with the sound muted, thank God for the 80's XM station The Brewhouse is playing...

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