April 29, 2007

MLS Saturday recap

The Cupcakes staff was a little overwhelmed this weekend with work and other activities, so we weren't able to fully indulge in our usual MLS fiesta.

Fortunately I was able to catch the first two matches on Saturday, so here's my thoughts:

Toronto FC 0-1 Kansas City: Talk about a tough loss. Toronto finally looked like a real MLS team in their first-ever home game. They easily had the better chances throughout but got unlucky a few times, and all it took was one clinical strike from the GAM.

Late in the match I was praying that Greg Sutton would have scored the equalizer for Toronto. It would have been great to see the first goal in Toronto history scored by their freaking goalkeeper!!

Although they didn't look it, Kansas City is turning into one of the better teams early on. To take all three points after not playing too well was tremendous.

Columbus 1-0 D.C. United: A month ago, who would have thought that Columbus would be able to handle D.C. and effectively shut down what was thought to be the league's top offense? If D.C. doesn't get their act together soon, they could be in trouble. It just seems to me that they aren't playing as a team and they seriously lack leadership from guys like Gomez and Moreno.

Major props to Greg Oden's new posse. The Crew have gotten results from their first four matches, and their defense looked solid Saturday. And who would have thought the game's only goal would be scored by The Big EZ, Ezra Hendrickson?

Sorry Silverbacks fans, but you will have to rely on El Guero to give you his thoughts on Friday's match. Shoe was watching at home, and yours truly was at the Norah Jones concert (I know why...).
And again, apologies for the lack of updates this weekend. While I really wanted to watch the SuperClasico match late Saturday, these mitigating circumstances prevented that:
1. Multiple challenges at GoldenTee
2. The brand-spanking new jukebox at the Brewhouse
3. Too much alcohol since 10:30 a.m. due to the Cricket World Cup final and celebrating Tecos' qualification into the Mexican League Playoffs

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