April 7, 2007

LOGAN PAUSE? Holy shit!

I doubt anyone would have guessed him to score Chicago's first goal of the year. It took just four minutes to do what Columbus and Los Toros Rojos have been trying to do for almost 80 minutes.

Well, I've already mentioned them, so here goes. The snow is coming down big time in Columbus.

"Is he getting paid a lot of money to clean Bruce Arena's pool?" Random thought from Shoe about Claudio Reyna.

Seriously, before clearing that cross, he hasn't done much except foul Eddie Gaven. Nice debut for MLS's first Designated Player to take the field. Less than 10 minutes to go and he's done shit.

On another note, I'm disappointed at the Crapids and Crew fans. Yeah, it's below freezing, but come on. We've waited a long time for the new MLS season to start. GET YOUR ASS TO THE GAME. I don't care if it's a blizzard, I'm going to be at the Silverbacks first game of the season.

I really have a feeling this Crew-Toros Rojos game is going to finish 0-0. A couple of good saves has kept this one scoreless.

Meanwhile, it's still just the three of us up here at the Brew. Atlanta people, I'm calling you out. We better have some people up here for the Chivas USA game.

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