April 24, 2007

Let's drink some beer!

OK, OK, some people might have taken my last post about Dizzy Dan the wrong way. So, here's an explanation.

I don't really mean any physical harm to the guy. Maybe he'll step on a tack and miss a game or something. I'm just saying I can't root for the guy. Not after the way he talked to my teammates.

Besides, you're not impartial if you don't criticize someone on the team you root for. Hell, I was ready to join the mob in beating up Toni Bernal after he gave up a howler of a goal when Motril lost to Granada 0-2 last year.

So I'm extending an olive branch to Mr. Antoniuk. You know where to find me. We can sit down and "watch some soccer and learn the rules" just like you told us. In fact, the first beer's on me.

Maybe a round of Jager or two will help change my opinion. I guess we got off on the wrong foot. Or I'm looking for another excuse to go to the Brewhouse.

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