April 9, 2007


First you steal Razov's scoring title from him last year with your 97 penalty-kick goals, but then you have to go take El Guzano's rightful Player of the Week award.

The end of the press release says that "The Major League Soccer Player of the Week is selected each week of the MLS regular season by a panel of journalists from the Professional Soccer Reporters Association (PSRA)."

I hardly believe this, because I know Luis voted for El Guzano. If Martin Zuñiga had been in the net, it probably would have been 5-0 to Tonto FC.

El Guzano rules. Jeff Cunningham and his #90 can fuck off.


David said...

I agree, Jeff Cunningham can suck eggs. El Guzano deserves that award.

Longshoe said...

I think the celebration won him the award. Making out with one's self gets bonus points in some circles...