March 30, 2007

Sugar-Free Sprinkles: Owners grumbling in USL-1?

Wednesday's dismissal of Virginia Beach from the USL-1 meant that the league office had to quickly revise its schedule for the remaining 12 teams.

While the league did an admirable job in quickly resolving its problems, it seems that the league may have simply washed its hands clean of any financial responsibilities and placed them squarely in the hands of the franchise owners.

Rumor has it that more than one owner has expressed displeasure in the added travel costs as well as what is perceived to be a more unbalanced schedule.

Unfortunately for fans of lower-division soccer in the U.S., it seems that nothing will ever be run to everyone's liking as long as the USL and MLS are separate entities.

Minnesota: With the Republican National Convention set to be in the Twin Cities next year, St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman announced plans for a revitalization project in the area that could call for a new soccer complex for the Thunder.

Here's to hoping this gets done. While James Griffin Stadium is suitable for the time being, it is definitely outdated by the current standards set in places like Charleston and (in the near future) Vancouver.

Montreal: The Impact fell to Rochester 3-1 in a preseason friendly in Boca Raton. Fabian Dawkins scored the lone goal for Montreal, his second of the preseason. Dawkins became a favorite of the Cupcakes staff during his two-year stint in Atlanta, and it looks as if he is regaining the form that made him the most dangerous striker in the USL in 2005.

Atlanta: Ex-Silverback Mauricio Salles, who came over in the deal that sent Dawkins to Montreal, has surfaced in Japan.

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