March 30, 2007

Sprinkles: Can this really be a good idea?

New York: Cleetus has to switch from Natty Light to Red Bull and Mr. Boston as Clint Mathis returns to the Big Apple. I knew the Bulls were desperate for a striker, but wow. There's no way he can play up front by himself in this proposed 4-5-1 formation either. I guess you could play him with Altidore in a two forward set-up, but what does that do to Il Brucio's midfield. Color me confused on this one.

He did score that bomb of a goal in the playoffs last year, so who knows?

MLS: The original rumors were right, it looks like SuperLiga 2008 will include 8 Mexican and 8 MLS teams. That CONCACAF Champions League better hurry up.

Also, according to the talk in Oregon about bringing MLS to Portland, the expansion fee has risen from the $10 million Toronto paid to $30 million now. The Price is Right, eh Don?

DC: Fred is finally, officially a part of the United roster and will be eligible for the CONCACAF match with Chivas next week. No tranfer fee was needed, I don't know how United and Melbourne resolved the situation. Maybe DC sent their unused Freddy Adu bobbleheads to Australia?

New England: The Revs handled the New Orleans Shell Shockers of the PDL (amateur league, the equivalent of the 4th tier of US club sides) 4-0 in Baton Rouge this week.

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