March 20, 2007

Could this be the first step...

in the Free Shalrie Movement? FC Dallas traded Richard Mulrooney to Toronto for their 1st round draft choice in 2008. The Hoops fans are demanding that this be a stepping stone to bigger addition, be it Joseph or a DP.

One other possibility, Dallas had Takuya Yamada in camp with them after the Revolution failed to offer him a contract. He played with Cerezo Osaka in the J-League recently, and also trialed with Adelaide United of the A-League. However, Adelaide decided to sign former Miami FC man Diego Walsh instead. Let's hope Dallas didn't trade a player of Mulrooney's quality for a player passed over for Diego Walsh.

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joemybro said...

Dallas-Simo Valakari (aka the Man of a Thousand Fouls)-Mulrooney + Shalrie=Cup Contention. Dallas has more forwards than they know what to do with and a decent, if slightly green defense. With a dominating presence like Shalrie in the mid-field, they are scary. And they need an answer to the fact that certain teams in their division have significantly upgraded thier mid-fields (Guevara, Beckham)
And I'm in favor of any move that makes New England suck more. I'd hate to be in a locker room where Pat Noonan is recovering from surgery and Clint Dempsy is gone, and now a very disgrunteled Shalrie Joseph is departing. Sad days at the big razor indeed