April 6, 2010

MLS Week 2: The Round Up

  • Chivas USA has no offense, will they score a goal before May? I like Osael Romero, good quality there. How does Maicon Santos miss that shot in the 6-yard box?
  • Los Angeles is solid, if not all that spectacular right now. They'll be around at the end of the year.
  • Real Salt Lake will also be around to defend their championship. Javier Morales is continuing his early season hot streak. What in the world was Fabien Espindola thinking? Not a bad takedown on Boswell, but he wasn't able to go for the ground and pound due to excellent scrambling by Bobby. Jamison Olave's defensive breakdown was uh, interesting...
  • The Dynamo are not the same team they've been in recent years. Luckily, they have the best coach in the league with Dominic Kinnear. He has some time to get them together, but I'm still skeptical that they have the talent to be in the mix late in the playoffs.
  • By adding Claudio Lopez, Colorado could be quite interesting. Lopez playing behind Casey and Cummings is a pretty solid attack. With Mastroeni holding down the fort in the center of the park, and Colin Clark running wild on the left wing, the Rapids could be dangerous. They shouldn't be boring at least.
  • Chicago hasn't put it all together yet. We'll see how quick Carlos de los Cobos can adjust to the league.
  • New England is still the same old Revolution, even without all the key players from the last few years. Nicol did an excellent job in DC on Saturday night.
  • That said, Onalfo was out coached again. He got the starting lineup right this time and the team came out firing on all cylinders. However, they couldn't get a goal to show for it, and then seemed to run out of steam in the second half. The subs were puzzling, everything was just a straight swap and did nothing to change the game. James in for Talley at that point in the game was disappointing, I would've liked to see one of the forwards come and United really go for the win. All the possession in the world does nothing for you if can't score, except make losses like this one even more frustrating.
  • New York is for real, winning in Seattle shows that. If Macoumba can keep putting everything together, the Red Bulls will have the best attack in the league.
  • Surprising loss by Seattle, I'll be curious to see how they bounce back from it.

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