March 12, 2010

DCU starts playing well, now the Union takes a strike vote, coincidence?

Just kidding, although it is just my luck. Maybe United is starting to get its act together after a great win in Mexico over Santos Laguna. Everyone's favorite, Party Boy, got the fiesta started and Boyzzzzzzzzzzzzz scored the game winner. Not too shabby, even if it was just a friendly.

The upsetting news comes that we still don't have an agreement between MLS and the players' union. While they haven't exactly voted to strike, they have at least dusted off the panic button with their nearly unanimous vote this week. Many others have said it far more eloquently than I, but this deal must get done. 2010 is too big of a year for American soccer for a labor stoppage in MLS. Both sides need to make some concessions and come to an arrangement that makes sense. Do we have to send the Get Along Gang in on this?

For everyone's sake, especially the lowly paid MLS squad players who can't weather a strike, please get this done so we can kick off the season.

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