January 11, 2010

CAF, have a heart

The CAF, Africa's governing body for soccer, is putting up one of the most ridiculous PR campaigns I've ever seen in regards to the Togo national team situation. The CAF, instead of being proactive and postponing Togo's matches or working out a schedule with them in light of members of its delegation being murdered, is talking trash in the media about the situation.

Saying publicly that Togo will be disqualified from the tournament if they don't show up for their first game is one of the most insensitive things I've ever seen from a sport governing body.

Someone in a much higher position that a Cupcake maker should be blasting the CAF for this stance. Members of the Togo delegation were MURDERED, you can't give them a little time to grieve and handle the situation. Is the value of life for the CAF that low?

Going to the trouble of saying that Ghana was told to act like the game was going ahead, and that the referee would declare the match a forfeit if Togo doesn't take the field is absolutely ridiculous. The CAF seriously wants to embarrass Togo in that way.

Horrible decisions being made by the CAF in light of this tragedy. Seems like they don't think it's that big of a deal...

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