August 7, 2009

Mexico-USA, 8/12, is this your starting lineup?

GK- Howard
LB- Bocanegra
CB- Onyewu, DeMerit
RB- Spector
LM- Donovan
CM- Bradley, Clark
RM- Dempsey
F- Altidore, Ching

For the whole roster, get it here.

My thoughts...
  • I think the above lineup is your safest bet for this away match. Maybe Cherundolo reclaims his starting spot, but it's hard to pull Spector after his performances this summer.
  • With all the love for Davies, I think Ching is the better starter. You're going to be under severe pressure from the Mexicans and will need to play long. Ching is better at holding the ball up and letting you build an attack than either Altidore or Davies. Davies' speed makes him an ideal sub to change a game, Ching can't do that sort of thing. Besides, you already have Conor Casey on the bench to fill the hulking big man center forward role if you need that sub.
  • Hard to pick 2 out of 3 between Bradley, Feilhaber, and Clark. I'd rather see Clark start due to his workrate, I think he forms a better partnership with Bradley. Feilhaber and Bradley play a more similar style that makes it more difficult for them to play together. Clark will do the dirty work that the others don't, making him a better starting option. If you need offense later, pull him for Feilhaber.
What's your starting lineup?

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