July 27, 2009

Hiding under a sombrero


What else can you say about that second half yesterday?

It's disappointing any time you lose to your rival 5-0. However, when it's the reserves from both teams playing, it's not quite as bad. It doesn't hurt as much.

It's disappointing to lose in a final 5-0. However, when it's the final of a tournament that is lacking in meaning (no Confederations Cup slot, reserves playing, etc.).

I mean seriously, Jay Heaps was our starting right back for four games...

What did we learn from yesterday, and the whole tournament?

- Stuart Holden is a guy who can step up to the first team soon. Maybe not on August 12, but soon.
- Kyle Beckerman is another option in an already crowded central midfield. He held his own very well and I'm curious to see what he can do with the big boys.
- Troy Perkins might just be our #3 goalkeeper, and could push Guzan for #2 if he gets the opportunity.
- We need more depth in the speedy forward category. When Brian Ching is leading your counterattacks, there's a problem.
- Our younger players lack mental toughness. For many of them, that was the most hostile crowd they had ever encountered. They just had no experience dealing with an atmosphere like that. When the mistakes started, some guys fell apart.
- More defensive depth is needed, badly.
- If Giovanni Dos Santos and Carlos Vela continue to develop, and the Federation shows a little patience in the coaching for once, Mexico will return to prominence sooner rather than later.

August 12th sure is going to be fun now. Make sure to get your mun2 ready!

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