July 3, 2009

Fool's Gold?

Does anybody else think that it's time for the Gold Cup to go to a 4-year cycle? Coming off of Confederations Cup and with teams sending B-teams, how exciting will it be?

Of course I'll still be watching, but that's not the point...

2007 was a great tournament. With the Confederations Cup berth on the line, the tournament had a big time feel to it. FSC showed some of those games recently. The US-Canada semifinal was great drama, especially after Canada was hosed in stoppage time. I'll put the second half of the US-Mexico final up against any other half of soccer I've seen. Incredible pace and excitement, I was on the edge of my seat watching it again a few weeks ago.

This time around, not so much. While it will be interesting to see guys like Colin Clark, Davy Arnaud, and Luis Robles get some time, this tournament is taking on the feel of a Spring Training baseball game rather than a continental championship. The jerseys are the same, but the players just aren't at the same level.

Let's really blow the Gold Cup into the tournament it should be. I like the idea of keeping it the year after the World Cup. Let Europe have their year, North and South America will have theirs.

World Cup, then Gold Cup/Copa America, then Euros, then Confederations Cup, not a bad little calendar there...

The Pyrite Cup starts tomorrow, check it out!

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