December 9, 2008

Barca swagger: Take me or leave me

Barcelona has basically thrown down the gauntlet to MLS. They want in, they want in for the 2010 season, and this is a one time only offer.

If you're MLS, what do you do?

It's a pretty arrogant approach, no doubt. However, Barcelona does have the swagger to pull off a move like this. Their feeling seems to be that MLS needs Barcelona much more than Barcelona needs MLS. They might just be right...

With the financial issues affecting bids in Vancouver and St. Louis, the uncertainty over stadium(s) in Portland, the lack of concrete info in Atlanta, and the general left field nature of the Ottawa bid; Barca Miami might be something MLS needs to take advantage of now. Their stadium partner at FIU seems to be solid, with plans to upgrade the size of the facility. Lessons have been learned from the mistakes of the Fusion. I do wonder about the general apathetic nature of sports fans in Miami, but we'll see if the new club can make the games events you can't miss.

Besides, I think while the swagger is strong, there's always some wiggle room in these negotiations.

I think having Barcelona involved in the league would be a good thing overall. If the rest of the pieces fit, go for it.

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