October 29, 2008

One word

As a DC fan, I read this post and one word came to mind...


Steve Morrow is not the answer for DC United. He failed at FC Dallas. Failed pretty comprehensively. Why give him another chance? Besides, his style of play DOES NOT FIT IN with how DC United plays.

He played Kenny Cooper as a winger, that should be the #1 thing against him.

Give Soehn a chance to right the ship. He won the Supporters' Shield in 2007 and the US Open Cup in 2008. Two years, two trophies. This year was incredibly frustrating, but no coach can prevent all of the injuries that he had to deal with. Throw in 47 games played, and that makes it rather difficult.

If you have to make a move, I can think of about 20 guys I'd rather see than Morrow.



Neil said...

It's hard to make an argument to keep Soehn because the team never got it together.

With the season on the line, their records in league play were 0-3-1 in September, and 1-2-1 in October. 5 losses in 8 games. Only one victory. They only needed one win per month to make the playoffs and couldn't do it.

In non-league play, they were an awful 0-4-1 in the final 5 games.

I think everyone went into the season expecting to be in MLS Cup. Although the injuries are a legitimate excuse for not making the cup, there is no excuse for missing the playoffs. There were too many games where they didn't play hard in both halves.

Longshoe said...

I think canning the guy, after winning 2 trophies in 2 years and suffering through a year like this one full of injuries, is a little harsh.

I'd have him on a short leash, and be demanding a big start to the 2009 season.

The non-league play record doesn't matter because the club decided to go with reserves in CONCACAF in order to go for the MLS playoffs.

The team did get it together, during the summer when they were flying. Injuries derailed it and they never recovered.

Regardless of if you dump Soehn, bringing in a failed coach like Morrow would be the absolute worst thing they could do. His preferred style of play does not suit what DC United has been about. If you dump Soehn, bring in Harkes, or Etcheverry, or someone who understands DC United.

Neil said...

I'm not advocating bringing in Morrow. I'm just saying the team didn't play hard for Soehn. I loved what he did the year before, but this year they were missing their determination. They couldn't win the games they should win. They were awful down the stretch. They had 5 points in their final 8 games. The players wouldn't play hard for him.

BTW, the Open Cup is not a big deal in this country. Teams are judged on their regular season and playoffs. The Cup and other tournaments are just a nice bonus.