September 24, 2008

Marathon-DC: Halftime thoughts and more...

  • If Christian Miles describes something as "courageous" one more time, I'll lose it. I'm definitely adding that to the Christian Miles Drinking Game. One drink for every time he says "courageous", finish your drink when he describes something as amazing when he sounds like he'd rather wear black and listen to Depeche Mode.
  • Gonzalo Martinez is playing the worst game I've seen out of him. He looks drunk or something.
  • Craig Thompson is still really ordinary, but he's better as a right back than a right mid.
  • Rod Dyachenko still sucks.
  • DC has gotten lucky on a few occasions, but looked more composed towards the end of the half.
  • Boyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz might be my new favorite player. The guy is doing tons of work in the midfield tonight. He's really fit in much better than anyone could have expected.
  • Is this the first time Louis Crayton hasn't worn track suit trousers?
  • Marathon is one of the fastest teams I've seen in a while.
  • Way, way, way too many giveaways in midfield for DC. This has to stop.
  • Dyachenko paid the announcers very well. They keep giving him props for things and overlooking him then give the ball away AGAIN. That juggling move was sweet, until he missed the 10 yard pass he needed to connect.
  • Looks like a smart move to switch Dyachenko and Boyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz with Rod dropping deeper and Khumalo as the link with Emilio. Boyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz has better speed and can play that role.
  • Chavez for Marathon could be a hell of a player if he spent more time on his feet rather than his back.
  • Here's another one for the Christian Miles Drinking Game, take a drink whenever he says "tuck in".
  • Boyzzzzzzzzzz needs to work on his finishing.
  • Christian Miles is seriously in love with Rod Dyachenko, it's scary.
  • Well, Marathon scores after another Rod Dyachenko giveaway in midfield. Then he hurt himself with a lunging tackle. Then DC wasn't smart enough to kick the ball out while Dyachenko was on the ground hurt. Ugh...
  • Crayton's had a hell of a game, great second save on a header.
  • I wish we had more of a chance to see the DC United team that killed the Galaxy on Sunday afternoon before the Euro final. Injuries have killed any chance this team had of real glory this season. Thankfully they were able to secure the US Open Cup before things degenerated too far...
  • Glad to see Peralta back out there, I think I'm one of the few DC fans who like him.
  • Without Gallardo or Moreno out there, there isn't a player who really wants the ball in a DC uniform. There's no one to take charge and set the pace. It kills them in a game like this.
  • Wow, I don't think I believe that Quavas Kirk offers more on the right side than Fred. Sorry announcer boy, you need to clarify that one.
  • Well crap, Marathon scores again, this time on a set piece. The Green Monster is in control of the group. DC will crash out at the group stage.
  • DC has to get it together and focus on MLS at this point. Will Soehn keep his job if they don't get out of the group stage in CONCACAF and fail to make the MLS playoffs? I don't think so, although the US Open Cup might buy him another season...


Anonymous said...

Playing MLS teams make them look faster than they really are. You said that Joe Public was fast against NE and look what happened to them when they played better competition.

Anonymous said...

Montreal and Atlante end in a scoreless draw. The USL teams have been strong in this competition.

Longshoe said...

Anon1- Joe Publiic might be different, New England could really be that slow. However, I saw Marathon v. Cruz Azul, and the Green Monster had a definite speed advantage on them as well. Marathon has one of the best counterattacks going right now, and that makes them extremely dangerous.

New England was a real disappointment, especially in retrospect.