August 18, 2008

"In revenge and in love, woman is more barbarous than man"

The US women have made their way to the Olympic final, with a chance to get revenge for last summer's catastrophe against Brazil. Hopefully, the ghost of Greg Ryan can be vanquished...

With a hiccup against Japan in the opening match aside, the US has looked pretty solid throughout the tournament. They avenged that Japan performance today with a pretty comprehensive win, 4-2. One question, have you seen more attempted crosses turn into goals in one match? O'Reilly and Hucles both caught the tiny Japanese goalkeeper out.

Hopefully, Sunil and the Fed will find the time to get Pia Sundhage to sign on for a longer term contract after her success.

The gold medal match is on Thursday morning, live on the USA Network at 9:00 am. You can also watch it on on a really high quality stream.

As for the picture, you know the Cupcake Nation takes every opportunity to highlight its favorites...

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