August 26, 2008

CONCACAF Champions League: MLS in the spotlight

Count me in as excited about the new CONCACAF Champions League. More meaningful international games for more MLS clubs is a good thing for American soccer, in my opinion.

Cue the theme...

Sorry, I don't know if CONCACAF has their own swank theme yet.

The Revs are on FSC while the American Goats are on Galavision LIVE.

Either they forgot to turn the mics on in Trinidad, or nobody is saying a word. Interesting...

Wow, Joe Public has a definite speed advantage over the Revs. I think New England will be happy to get out of Trinidad with a point.

The groundskeeper in Panama has not earned his/her paycheck. Muy mal.

Now is when I wish I had that big screen with the picture in picture...

GOAL Tauro FC, Ay yi yi yi yi is right, horrible defending by the Goats. Zach Thornton was thinking about his choripan instead of controlling his box.

Ah, it isn't the groundskeeper's fault in Panama. It's Mr. Jennifer Lopez's fault, Marc Anthony had a concert at Estadio Rod Carew. See, it doesn't only happen in MLS...

Zach Thornton is a large man. Very, very large. Tony Meola is impressed.

Chivas is looking for an equalizer, barely knocked away from Sacha in the box. Jorge Flores has looked pretty good wide on the left so far.

Attiba Harris BARELY misses with a diving header. Good response from the Goats.

Taylor Twellman trips over the turf on the sideline. Well played.

Joe Public is really taking it to New England so far. Warren looks a little shaky, but the Revs are keeping them off the board for now.

This just in, the Chivas water boy has pulled a hamstring and is out 2-4 weeks. He's been replaced by the guy selling horchata at the stadium. They just can't catch a break. Preki better watch his back.

Joe Public should have taken the lead, but couldn't get on to the ball in the box. The new guy for the Revs, Tierney, is getting lit up like a Christmas tree on the wing. He better figure something out quick.

Ralston is injured for the Revs, back problem. That's not going to help their cause in Trinidad tonight...

Flores and Kljestan are combining pretty well for Chivas USA. Sacha just misses on his cross, but they're looking better.

This hard to catch everything, but I've had pretty good luck so far. The Chivas game is more entertaining so far, so I'm watching more of it.

Shavar Thomas had one of the worst headers I've ever seen, it went nowhere and Chivas were forced to foul to break up the counterattack.

Tauro hits the crossbar for the second time on the free kick. I don't think Thornton was able to get off the ground on that one. He's got the hops of an elephant at this point.

Who are some of these guys in Chivas uniforms? Chiles? Paladini?

Attiba Harris was 1v1 with the keeper, and blasted it into his shin. Chivas really needed that one.

New England has earned a free kick at the top of the box, let's see what they do with it. Joe Public's goalkeeper is the loudest GK I've ever heard. Larentowicz blasts it, but it's right at the keeper. Corner for the Revs. It's not a good one.

Sacha earns a free kick for Chivas, Paladini to take it. He doesn't get it over the two man wall.

American clubs are not at the same level as the American national team when it comes to playing these type of games. Too much naivety. These games are vital to take American soccer to the next level.

Nagamura kicks a home run. This has turned into kick ball.

Bornstein looks really out of it playing on the right side. His horrible giveaway leads to a Tauro counter. They barely miss wide. The Bulls are running in Panama tonight...

Chivas' defense is abysmal. Balls just skip through the box with ease, with everybody just looking at each other. It's like they don't even know each other's names.

The Revs are scoreless at the half, while the Goats are still down 1-0. See y'all in 15 minutes...

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